Rosalba Icaza

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She is one of the participants of the Other Knowledges Group at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. As a teacher, her pedagogical practice has been focused on making the classroom as space to share ideas/experiences about the academy as a colonizing practice and/or emancipatory possibility. Together with some ISS students, she seeks to identify and support forms of epistemic resistance that promote global social justice which is situated in concrete geographies, cosmologies, bodies and experiences. Feminist, mother and holder of a PhD in International Studies, she has been involved - thanks to empathy and chance - in diverse participatory and collaborative research initiatives with networks, organizations and social movements on the governance of knowledges in relation to global and regional trade, NGOization of Development agendas and gender “equality”. She also participates in the International Virtual Seminar on “Knowledge-Practices from Gender, Movements and Networks”.


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