Liliana Cotto Morales


An activist researcher, a urban sociologist, a researcher on the sociology of social movements and a Professor at the General Studies Faculty of the University of Puerto Rico.  Inspired by the thought of Paolo Freire and Orlando Fals Borda, among others, she combines research and practical commitment with    social actions such as squatting, resistance to evictions, to the military practices in Puerto Rican territory, gender and racial struggles and other forms of issues which involve human’s rights violations. She holds an anti colonial and pro- self determination stand which supports sovereignty and independence for Puerto Rico. She has participated in the struggles at the public university, both as a student and as a professor.   She is an active member of the Puerto Rican University Professors Association.   In the recent (2010) student strike, she contributed to device some organizational options for the faculty (the convergence action groups, among them) and contributed to the collective called “We are university/ We are community”. Was co-founder in 2005 of the Puerto Rican Social Forum collective and organizer of the Forum in 2006. Presently she is focusing on the socio-cultural effects, supported by colonial power patterns, that the contemporary multiple crises have on the political actors and collectivities that assume the identity of being the carriers of social transformation.


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